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Fast turnaround - Our turnaround times are incredibly fast. We know that you want to get back on that wave and we want you out in the water.

For repair estimates, send us a picture of your board with a quarter beside the ding for size. We'll send you a quote for repair.

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⁃ Ding Repairs ⁃

All our repairs are complete with an approximate color and finish match at NO EXTRA CHARGE to you.

Up to 1” in Size


1”- 2” in Size




4”-6" in Size

$90 & up

Rail Smash

Starting at $60

Fin Gash

Starting at $80

⁃ Buckle Repairs ⁃

Half Buckle

starting at $150

Full Buckle

starting at $200

⁃ Broken Board Repairs ⁃

Price : starting at $275

Clean Break Repair

-messy needs extra attention and may cost more-

⁃ Fins & Fin Boxes Repair ⁃

Futures, FCS & FCS2

$80 - $100 | each

Long Board - Single Fin

Starting at $100

⁃ Other Services ⁃

Leash Plugs & FCS GoPro Mounts


Expedited Service

24hr - $75 | 3 days - $50

SUP Repair

Starts at $70

⁃ Special Services ⁃

Accessibility Modifications and Delamination

Carry handles and adaptive surfing modifications.  Call or text for an estimate.

Color Matching

 INCLUDED in the price of all board repairs; color match is approximate and to the best of our ability. 

Old Boards

Boards found under your Uncle’s house need to be brought in for an estimate. 

⁃ Gallery ⁃

⁃ Gallery ⁃